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Starting August 1st 2022, we will no longer accept court reservations over the phone.  We are switching to a web-based app called "Court Reserve".  Court Reserve will allow members to make and manage their own court reservations.  Click the "LJAMC Court Reserve Portal" Link below to register.

LJAMC Court Reserve Portal

Court Reserve Install instructions:
1) Click the "LJAMC Court Reserve Portal" link (above) to be taken to the LJAMC Court Reserve registration page
2) Click "Create Account" button at the top of your screen
3) Complete and submit the registration form
* See link below for printer friendly pdf of instrucions. 
Once registered, you will have access to the LJAMC Court Reserve portal.  You can access the LJAMC portal online via the link provided above or via the Court Reserve App.  The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

Please Note that you will not be able to start booking reservations until Monday August 1st 2022.  Previous dates will be displayed in Court Reserve but will not be selectable.
Visit the Club office for more information. 

Click here for printer friendly install instructions




Welcome to the La Jolla Alta Master Council Website.


The La Jolla Alta Master Council (LJAMC) is a non-profit corporation that owns and operates the La Jolla Alta Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse is governed by the LJAMC's Board of Directors (Board), which has the authority and responsibility to maintain, preserve, control, and operate the Club.  The Board also has the authority and responsibility to maintain land parcels owned by the LJAMC in the Van Nuy's and La Jolla Alta canyons.


The La Jolla Alta Master Council is comprised of 5 sub-associations and over 600 homes.  These sub associations are:

La Jolla Alta #1 "El Dorado"
La Jolla Alta #2
La Jolla Alta #3 "Ventana"
La Jolla Alta #4 "Crystal Bay"
La Jolla Alta #5 "Emerald Cove"

LJAMC members are legal homeowners of the aforementioned communities.  Each owner in these developments should have received copies of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (i.e. CC&R's) to its respective Common Council and the Bylaws of the La Jolla Alta Master Council when purchasing his/her home.